MSL Chats to Tournament Team Misfits

MSL talks to Kat Peters and Stéphane Karayannis-Desbois, captains of the Nottingham & Manchester travelling tournament team, Misfits.

“Misfits are a Midlands team?”

Kat: “Misfits are originally a Midlands team. But what happened is that I used to run Misfits in Nottingham League. We don’t play in the league anymore but Stéphane and me met while playing a Manchester tournament, when I was guesting and playing. So we have decided to combine a few Manchester folk and a few Nottingham folk and put it together and get a tournament team going for the season.

Some of us are from Nottingham, some of us are from Manchester, and then we have guests from all over the place that we picked up, but the idea was half and half.”

“My son started to play softball this year. He’s just turned fourteen and I wanted him to play with a team that he knows can get used to. Steph was on board and he said, you know what, we’ll do it. So, Steph took the team to some tournaments that I wasn’t at. And then we do some tournaments where we combine captaincy and that way I can bring my son and integrate him into softball as well.”

“That’s in the friendly spirit of softball! So you’re currently playing Intermediate at Edinburgh?”

Kat: “That’s it, yeah, we’ve played some comp tournaments. The majority of it was comp wasn’t it? “

Steph: “Actually, the only ones we’ve done Intermediate is this one.”

Kat: “Yeah, so all the other ones were all comp tournaments. This one we decided to go intermediate just because of the level of the comp in here [at Edinburgh]. And we also have players who are still playing rec but want to go and play comp and develop. So this is some experienced players, close development players, like my son Aaron playing, and Stéphane’s wife Tasha usually plays. We have quite a lot of Nottingham folks, so it’s myself, it’s my son Aaron, and Aaron’s father. It’s like a family occasion. And we have Catherine, who is a newbie as well, but she has developed really well. So for her, this is a comp outing, or an intermediate outing.”

Misfits team
Misfits at Edinburgh

“So do you think you’ll look at NSL next year?”

Steph: “We got offered NSL4, but we’re not gonna.”

Many of the Misfits players are already in existing NSL teams. 

Kat: “We’re established with another team, different [Misfits] folk are playing for different teams for the NSL. So if we start putting a team in, we’re gonna be pulling them from other teams, you know what I mean? Yeah, NSL is NSL, we keep that separate.”

We saw you at Manchester Main this year.

“We did. Manchester Rain! Indeed.”

It really did monsoon that weekend…

“Yeah, that was quite atrocious. It’s not always like that, honestly.”

We look forward to seeing Misfits at future Manchester tournaments.