26 AprLaura HowarthSeagullsBarflies
2 MayTanya BurtonThunderGreensox
2 MayTanya LocheryBandidosGreensox
13 MaySawyer PhinneyGreensoxHackers
22 MayLouise GapeTigersTiggers
24 MayHector MartinezBatsGreensox
6 JunClaire SimcoxRaidersTitans
8 JunLouise GapeTiggersDodgersMisses first game

Transfers should be notified to the League Secretary by email or text message by 6.30pm on the day the player is to play for their new team. If the notification is sent by either team captain, the player transferring should be copied in on the message, and will be asked for confirmation. As a courtesy, the captain of the team from which the player is transferring should also be notified.

Players transferring for a second or subsequent time will miss the first game scheduled for their new team, and are also not eligible to play as a guest for their old team.

Players appearing as a guest for a team for a fifth time are automatically transferred.