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Manchester First Ball


Time Pitch E Pitch F
27th April 2024
09:00 Manchester Dodgers @ Sharks Spittin Camels @ Travelling Dodgers
10:00 Manchester Mavericks @ Slowpitch Ireland Mossley Mayhem @ Meerkats
11:00 Mossley Mayhem @ Spittin Camels Manchester Mavericks @ Manchester Dodgers
12:00 Travelling Dodgers @ Sharks Meerkats @ Slowpitch Ireland
13:00 Mossley Mayhem @ Manchester Mavericks Spittin Camels @ Manchester Dodgers
14:00 Travelling Dodgers @ Meerkats Sharks @ Slowpitch Ireland
15:00 Mossley Mayhem @ Manchester Dodgers Spittin Camels @ Manchester Mavericks
16:00 Travelling Dodgers @ Slowpitch Ireland Sharks @ Meerkats
28th April 2024
09:00 Manchester Mavericks @ Meerkats Mossley Mayhem @ Slowpitch Ireland
10:00 Spittin Camels @ Sharks Manchester Dodgers @ Travelling Dodgers
11:00 Manchester Mavericks @ Travelling Dodgers Mossley Mayhem @ Sharks
12:00 Spittin Camels @ Meerkats Manchester Dodgers @ Slowpitch Ireland
13:00 Manchester Mavericks @ Sharks Mossley Mayhem @ Travelling Dodgers
14:00 Manchester Dodgers @ Meerkats Spittin Camels @ Slowpitch Ireland

5th@6th: Sharks 13 @ 5 Travelling Dodgers
7th@8th: Spittin’ Camels (Forfeit) @ (Win) Meerkats

🏆 Cup Semi-Finals

Semi-final: Slowpitch Ireland 8 @ 7 Mossley Mayhem
Semi-final: Manchester Dodgers @ Manchester Mavericks

Gold Final: Mavericks (Win) @ (Forfeit) Slowpitch Ireland – Slowpitch Ireland forfeits to catch their flight!


Time Pitch G Pitch H
27th April 2024
09:00 Camels II @ Manchester Mavericks II Manchester Speeders @ Bobcats
10:00 Manchester Stingers @ Didsbury Bats Manchester Thunder II @ Tigers
11:00 Manchester Thunder II @ Manchester Speeders Manchester Stingers @ Camels II
12:00 Bobcats @ Manchester Mavericks II Tigers @ Didsbury Bats
13:00 Manchester Thunder II @ Manchester Stingers Manchester Speeders @ Camels II
14:00 Bobcats @ Tigers Manchester Mavericks II @ Didsbury Bats
15:00 Manchester Thunder II @ Camels II Manchester Speeders @ Manchester Stingers
16:00 Bobcats @ Didsbury Bats Manchester Mavericks II @ Tigers
28th April 2024
09:00 Manchester Stingers @ Tigers Manchester Thunder II @ Didsbury Bats
10:00 Manchester Speeders @ Manchester Mavericks II Camels II @ Bobcats
11:00 Manchester Stingers @ Bobcats Manchester Thunder II @ Manchester Mavericks II
12:00 Manchester Speeders @ Tigers Camels II @ Didsbury Bats
13:00 Manchester Stingers @ Manchester Mavericks II Manchester Thunder II @ Bobcats
14:00 Camels II @ Tigers Manchester Speeders @ Didsbury Bats

5th@8th: Mavericks II (Forfeit) @ (Win) Manchester Stingers
7th@6th: Thunder II (Win) @ (Forfeit) Tigers

🏆 Cup Semi-Finals

Semi-final: Didsbury Bats 9 @ 8 Manchester Speeders
Semi-final: Bobcats @ Camels II

🏆 Cup Final

Final: Didsbury Bats 1 @ 21 Camels II


Time Pitch C Pitch D
27th April 2024
09:00 Seagulls @ Hackers Liver Birds @ Manchester Screwballs
10:00 Yorkshire Dales @ Bristol BAM! Leeds Coyotes @ Manchester Thunder III
11:00 Leeds Coyotes @ Liver Birds Yorkshire Dales @ Seagulls
12:00 Manchester Screwballs @ Hackers Manchester Thunder III @ Bristol BAM!
13:00 Leeds Coyotes @ Yorkshire Dales Liver Birds @ Seagulls
14:00 Manchester Screwballs @ Manchester Thunder III Hackers @ Bristol BAM!
15:00 Leeds Coyotes @ Seagulls Liver Birds @ Yorkshire Dales
16:00 Manchester Screwballs @ Bristol BAM! Hackers @ Manchester Thunder III
28th April 2024
09:00 Yorkshire Dales @ Manchester Thunder III Leeds Coyotes @ Bristol BAM!
10:00 Liver Birds @ Hackers Seagulls @ Manchester Screwballs
11:00 Yorkshire Dales @ Manchester Screwballs Leeds Coyotes @ Hackers
12:00 Liver Birds @ Manchester Thunder III Seagulls @ Bristol BAM!
13:00 Yorkshire Dales @ Hackers Leeds Coyotes @ Manchester Screwballs
14:00 Seagulls @ Manchester Thunder III Liver Birds @ Bristol BAM!

5th@8th: Thunder III 6 @ 12 Coyotes
7th@6th: Hackers 16 @ 7 Seagulls

🏆 Cup Semi-Finals

Semi-final: Yorkshire Dales 13 @ 7 Manchester Screwballs
Semi-final: Liver Birds 4 @ 8 Bristol BAM!

🏆 Cup Final

Final: Bristol BAM! 17 @ 6 Yorkshire Dales

Manchester Main

Manchester Main 2024
3rd – 4th August
Wythenshawe Sports Ground

Congratulations to CAMELS Manchester Main 2023 Winners!

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All Tournaments

Tournaments organised by MSL

Manchester First Ball (April)

Hosts: Manchester Softball League

The season kicks off with Manchester First Ball at Wythenshawe Sports Ground. Rec and Comp tiers play over both days. Teams play a series of round robin games before progressing to the knock-out final. Contact our events exec, N-J for details.

Manchester Main (July/August)

Hosts: Manchester Softball League

Manchester’s mid-season tournament sees teams travelling from all over the UK, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London for a two-day tournament at both Comp and Rec levels.

Other tournaments in the area

North West Series

Hosts: BaseballSoftballUK

The North West Series is a three-tournament series held at Parrs Wood School in Manchester.

The Alex Hall Memorial Tournament

Hosts: The Alex Hall Memorial Fund for Christies

The memorial tournament for passionate softball player Alex Hall, who sadly died of cancer in 2003. Alex was treated for her illness at the Christies hospital and money raised goes to the Christie Hospital Charity Fund. Entry is for individual players, not whole teams, and teams are designated by the organisers. Fancy dress is encouraged and there is a picnic half way through. It is always immense fun and with the randomised teams there is the opportunity to meet new players. Teams are chosen to include players of all levels of ability, so it is a great chance for new players to play with and learn from more experienced team-mates.

Away Day Tournaments

Most leagues across the country host their own tournaments. Softball is inclusive and friendly and players love to travel to play other tournaments. Well known tournaments include those in Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Liverpool.

LGBTQ+ Tournaments

Several leagues run LGBTQ+ tournaments each year. The atmosphere is relaxed and fancy dress is encouraged! 🌈

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