Spotlight On: Izzy Rendell (Titans)

MSL talks to Izzy Rendell of Division 2 Titans about her softball journey.

When did you first pick up a softball?

“I started playing at uni. I went to Nottingham, that’s how I know quite a few people on the team. I was into baseball, that was the plan and then I missed a taster session! A few weeks later I went down to a softball training session and played all through uni.”

Was that BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) you played?

“It wasn’t BUCS at that point, they hadn’t started it. We didn’t play regularly unless someone organised a friendly. We played the nationals in autumn and in the summer. So the Autumn one was three weeks from the start of uni, all the university teams playing a tournament, and that was when the other unis all went down to Farnham. And then outside of that, every now and then we might organise to play a game versus Loughborough or Norwich, the close teams.”

Izzie Rendell

What did you do at Nottingham?

“Architecture, which is not relevant to anything I do now! It was fun and that’s how I met four or five players from Titans. Half of our team and a lot of other people we play tournaments with all started in Nottingham. It’s the perfect amount of 10 players, with all the positions and the perfect small ball, big ball split and we stayed in touch since graduation.”

How did you end up in Manchester?

“So I’m from Swindon.”

The magic roundabout!

“It’s our most famous landmark! After uni, I moved to London and then I got a job in Manchester. I moved up and was literally playing the next week. I still stayed in touch with some of the Titans from uni and I knew that if I wanted to go back to softball I could have a little team of people that I already knew that I could join.”

Did you play in the London league when you lived there?

“I didn’t. I didn’t really want to go to a new player’s day. It was about wanting some friends to be on the team. Community is a big part of it. It’s a really good way to keep seeing people each week, and hang out with friends, make new friends, that sort of thing.”

What’s the best thing about playing for Titans?

“We’re enthusiastic and have a good time. I feel like everyone puts a lot of effort in. Everyone’s nice. We take the game seriously, obviously. But not to the kind of expense of just having a good, enjoyable time.”

You need an amount of seriousness to stay in Division 2.

“We all want to play well, but we also want to have a nice time. The team’s recommended to any rookies wanting to play!”

What are your ambitions for this season?

“I just want to keep playing. I always want the team to win, but I want to be happy with my individual performance. I like being in div 2, I think it’s a really great level for playing. It’s a really nice atmosphere at this level. It’s a good level of competition without going too intense. It’s nice that Titans are active too. There’s a good balance of competition but it’s still a welcoming level for people to join and start playing when they’re new. It’s still a high level competition, but you could get away with still learning.”

What’s your best play for Titans?

“I had a home run last year! It was proper over the outfield. I like fielding much more. I think I would be happy to go hitless in a game if I make every catch. I want to make every catch I can and that’s my main focus.”

Titans team
Some of the Titans

Catch Izzy playing for Titans in Division 2 on Wednesdays at Wythenshawe Sports Ground.