Manchester First Ball 2023 schedule released

The 2023 schedule for Manchester Softball League’s season-opening tournament is available now. The event takes place on 22-23 April at Wythenshawe Sports Ground, with a Comp bracket of eight teams and a 14-team Rec.

First Ball 2023’s Comp tournament will open with a seven-game round robin league format with each team playing every other team once. The top four ranked teams at 11am on the Sunday will proceed to the Comp Cup, with the bottom four competing for the Comp Plate. Both Cup and Plate will complete a three-round league before the top two face off in a final at 16:45.

In the Rec tournament we begin with two groups, Rec A and Rec B, of seven teams playing a six game rotation, concluding at 11am on Sunday. The top two teams in each group will compete for the Rec Cup in a four-team group, with positions one and two contesting the final at 16:45. Similarly, the third and fourth ranked teams will proceed to the Rec Plate, which will proceed in the same way.

Teams ranked 5th-7th will carry through their results from the initial round robin to the Rec Spoon on Sunday, playing three further games against the teams in the opposite side of the draw (eg. 5th in Rec A will play Rec B’s 5th, 6th and 7th teams). The top two teams will then play the Rec Spoon final at 16:45.

Follow the tournament online

Teams may view the First Ball 2023 schedule on the Tournaments page of the MSL website. You will be able to follow results from the tournament on the website too – please bear with us, as this is the new website’s first tournament.

Captains of competing teams are also encouraged to check the live Google Sheets for tournament results, standings, and the ongoing schedule.

Comp captains can find their sheet here.

Rec captains should navigate to their sheet here.

The captain’s pack has been distributed to team contacts via email. Contact MSL’s tournaments exec with any enquiries.

We hope everyone enjoys returning to competitive softball at what promises to be a very enjoyable weekend.

Manchester First Ball Comp

  • Spittin’ Camels
  • Manchester Dodgers
  • Manchester Mavericks
  • Mossley Mayhem
  • Meerkats
  • Sharks
  • Manchester Thunder
  • Travelling Dodgers

Manchester First Ball Rec A

  • Bobcats
  • Manchester Mavericks II
  • Didsbury Bats
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Seagulls
  • Manchester Stingers
  • Manchester Swingers

Manchester First Ball Rec B

  • Tigers
  • Camels II
  • Leeds Coyotes
  • Manchester Thunder III
  • Mayhem Freeze
  • Maelstrom
  • Monmouth Rockets