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BASU Course 2024

The BASU course will again be online for 2024. Registration will open soon.

Sign up to become an accredited BASU Blu. Existing Blus will need to renew every four years. The free course consists of six learning sessions running every two weeks between January and March, followed by a practical session (TBC).

BASU has been working hard in the last 2 years to bring the course online .
Candidates will require a pass mark of 80% in the quiz. The quiz is open-book so feel free to read the rule book. Local qualifications are at the discretion of the league.

Course Registration

Firstly, all candidates need to sign up to EdPuzzle (link below) – this is free. EdPuzzle is the online platform we are using to host the course videos and quiz. This platform allows us to assess responses from all delivered courses across the country which are used to modify and improve the course. 

EdPuzzle Link:  TBC

Please use your real name when signing up – NO NICKNAMES as this will only make it harder for the tutors to reconcile information as people work through the course material.