Indoor Softball

Indoor Softball

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Manchester Softball League runs indoor games outside of the main season. Like the outdoor game, the indoor game is a friendly co-ed (or mixed-sex) sport for adults. Many MSL teams and players play in the indoor league over the Autumn and Winter months as a way to keep sharp, hone skills and stay fit in a fun and friendly environment.

New players: Since indoor games began in 2002, many new players have been introduced to Softball.  Indoor softball is an easy and accessible way to learn the game in preparation for the outdoor softball season.
Everyone is welcome!

What is Indoor Softball?

Indoor Softball is played as a variation of slow pitch softball, in a contained court.
In indoor softball, each batter starts with a 2&2 count (two balls, two strikes) – if it’s a strike or foul ball the batter is out, if it’s a ball the batter gets another pitch. A second ball results in a walk.
Scoring does not work the same way as in a game outside. Instead, each base that the runner reaches off-the-bat is worth 1 point. In addition, batters gain an extra point for reaching the home plate. Each out costs the batting team 1 point.
Innings are not defined by the number of outs but instead are played against the clock.

A guide to scoring in indoor softball

As a starting point, you can download our Guide to Indoor Softball as a reference for playing the game.

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