Parrs Wood High School

Parrs Wood High School is the venue for Division 3 & 4 league games and some tournaments.

Wilmslow Rd
East Didsbury
M20 5PG


The main entrance and car park is accessible from Wilmslow Road (B5095). Turn onto the unnamed road behind the Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre’s car park. Those on foot can access the fields from the gate at the start of the unnamed road, or from the entrance at the river. Pitches across the river are accessed on foot from Wilmslow Road.

Public transport and parking

Nearest rail station: East Didsbury
Nearest Metrolink station: East Didsbury
Busses to Parrs Wood: 42, 42a, 45a, 50, 142
Parking: There is limited parking at Parrs Wood High School and its sports centre. Parking is allowed for up to four hours in the entertainment complex next door. We kindly ask you to respect our neighbours and avoid parking in residential areas.

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