Under 18’s Permission to Play Form

Any person under the age of 18 years of age wishing to play softball in the Manchester Softball League, BSUK and  BSF Tournaments must have permission to play from a Parent or Guardian.  Please download and complete the BSUK_Parent_Guardian_Permission_Form  and email to BSUK  and MSL Secretary. You will notice that the download link is labelled “2022”,  and that the form itself misleadingly appears to relate to last year, where it says “please list the Season that you are proposing to cover … i.e. 2022” in Section 6. When you get to Section 6 you will see that you are meant to write in the year, currently 2023. Where it says “i.e.” it actually means “e.g.” We have suggested to BSUK to update the form and filename.

Players are no longer required to have a copy of the form on them at games.