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Registration is open for 2024. Sign up now to play this season. The season begins on April 30th.

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  • All players must complete their registration before playing. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Any team using a player who has not done so will be liable to an automatic penalty. It is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players have registered.
  • It is worth noting that registration takes only a few minutes and can be done pitch-side before the game on any device with an internet connection.
  • It is not possible to register a new player after the game.
  • Captains will be able to check whether players have registered by consulting the player list on their team page.

It is now a requirement to register with BSF individually as a player. After you have submitted this form, you will be redirected to TeamLinkt

By registering for Manchester Softball League you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

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    Manchester Softball League Player Entry Form

    The purpose of this form is to invite you, in your capacity as a player to set out the terms and conditions which you must comply with if you wish to play In the Manchester Softball League.

    Manchester Softball League April 2024 - September 2024

    Venues will be Parrs Wood High School or Wythenshawe Sports Grounds.

    Please note that you only need to complete this form once for the whole MSL league season. Tournaments (including any organized by the MSL) will require a separate registration.

    It is now a requirement to register with BSF individually as a player. After you have submitted this form, you will be redirected to TeamLinkt

    Your Details

    You can type in your DOB rather than scrolling through the calendar

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    By registering for the Manchester Softball League I agree to abide by the

    Manchester Softball League may contact you by email with important information relevant to you as a player. Please tick this box if you do NOT wish to be contacted.

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    You will be redirected to TeamLinkt on submission. BSF requires you to register with them on TeamLinkt.