Division 1 (2022)

Division 1 consisted of eight teams, who played two full rotations, then split into top and bottom four for a final half-rotation with no home teams. The bottom team is relegated to Division 2.

Travelling Dodgers (C)171304026717043
Lion Dodgers (R)162014016025920
Thunder @ Lion Dodgers not played
27 AprilMavericks 12-11 Camels (pitch B, ump Caird)
Mayhem 18-20 Thunder (pitch C, ump Hung, – halted due to bad light in 7th inning, game ruled incomplete)
Sharks 2-17 Greensox (6 inns, RAR, pitch A, ump Davies)
Travelling Dodgers 21-5 Lion Dodgers (6 inns, RAR, pitch D, ump P Fagan)
4 MayCamels 9-3 Lion Dodgers (pitch G, ump Creelman)
Greensox 11-5 Thunder (pitch F, ump Strayer)
Mavericks 18-19 Mayhem (pitch E, ump Green)
Sharks 10-17 Travelling Dodgers (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Dunn)
11 MayLion Dodgers 2-18 Sharks (4½ inns, RAR, pitch B, ump Hung)
Mayhem 10-4 Greensox (pitch D, ump Caird)
Thunder 19-13 Camels (pitch A, ump P Fagan)
Travelling Dodgers 18-2 Mavericks (6 inns, RAR, pitch C, ump Wallace)
18 MayCamels 7-22 Mayhem (5 inns, RAR, pitch F, ump Hugill)
Lion Dodgers 17-23 Greensox (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Gunn)
Sharks 5-20 Mavericks (6 inns, RAR, pitch G, ump Creelman)
Thunder 10-11 Travelling Dodgers (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Dunn)
25 MayGreensox 13-23 Mavericks (6½ inns, pitch A, ump P Fagan)
Lion Dodgers 7-9 Thunder (6½ inns, pitch D, ump Caird)
Mayhem 26-10 Sharks (5 inns, RAR, pitch B, ump Davies)
Travelling Dodgers 15-10 Camels (pitch C, ump Hung)
1 JuneCamels 6-11 Greensox (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Green)
Mavericks 13-2 Lion Dodgers (pitch F, ump Somers)
Mayhem @ Travelling Dodgers – postponed
Sharks 4-19 Thunder (5 inns, RAR, pitch H, ump Dunn)
8 JuneCamels 2-8 Sharks (6½ inns, pitch D, ump Dunn)
Greensox 11-12 Travelling Dodgers (pitch B, ump Fagan)
Lion Dodgers 2-12 Mayhem (6½ inns, pitch A, ump Hung)
Thunder 2-6 Mavericks (6½ inns, pitch C, ump Davies)
15 JuneCamels 11-13 Mavericks (6½ inns, pitch F, ump Green)
Greensox 13-7 Sharks (pitch E, ump Creelman)
Lion Dodgers 15-18 Travelling Dodgers (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Caird)
Thunder @ Mayhem – postponed
22 JuneLion Dodgers 12-19 Camels (6½ inns, pitch D, ump Caird)
Mayhem @ Mavericks – postponed
Thunder 26-18 Greensox (pitch B, ump P Fagan)
Travelling Dodgers 21-3 Sharks (5 inns, RAR, pitch C, ump Davies)
29 JuneCamels 20-30 Thunder (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Green)
Greensox 11-7 Mayhem (pitch H, ump Creelman)
Mavericks 13-12 Travelling Dodgers (pitch F, ump Fagan)
Sharks 18-8 Lion Dodgers (pitch G, ump Wallace)
6 JulyGreensox @ Lion Dodgers – postponed to 27 July
Mavericks 34-18 Sharks (pitch D, ump Hung)
Mayhem 19-6 Camels (pitch B, ump Fagan)
Travelling Dodgers 25-9 Thunder (6 inns, RAR. pitch C, ump Shkerko)
7 July (Thurs)Thunder 11-9 Mayhem (8 inns, pitch G, ump Somers)
Mayhem 18-20 Thunder (6½ inns, pitch C/G, ump Hung/Somers, completion of game from 27 April)
13 JulyCamels 6-7 Travelling Dodgers (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Green)
Mavericks 18-16 Greensox (pitch G, ump Caird)
Sharks 13-12 Mayhem (pitch F, ump Creelman)
Thunder @ Lion Dodgers – postponed
20 July Greensox 0-20 Camels (forfeit)
Lion Dodgers 17-16 Mavericks (pitch C, ump Fagan)
Thunder 30-13 Sharks (pitch D, ump Hung)
Travelling Dodgers 19-28 Mayhem (6½ inns, pitch F), ump Caird)
27 July Greensox 13-8 Lion Dodgers (pitch F, ump Green)
Mayhem 7-9 Mavericks (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Fagan)
3 AugustMavericks 6-11 Thunder (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Green)
Mayhem 19-17 Lion Dodgers (pitch E, ump Kendrick-Walker)
Sharks 4-10 Camels (6½ inns, pitch F, ump Caird)
Travelling Dodgers 8-7 Greensox (pitch G, ump Creelman)
4 August (Thurs)Mayhem 0-20 Travelling Dodgers (forfeit)
Thunder @ Lion Dodgers – postponed
Third half-rotation: no home teams
10 AugustLion Dodgers 14-20 Greensox (6½ inns, pitch G, ump Somers)
Mavericks 10-11 Thunder (pitch E, ump Dean)
Mayhem 10-16 Travelling Dodgers (6½ inns, pitch F, ump Roberts)
Sharks 13-2 Camels (pitch H, ump Davies)
17 AugustCamels 14-15 Lion Dodgers (pitch F, ump Hung)
Greensox 9-10 Sharks (4½ inns, bad light, pitch E)
Mavericks 21-19 Mayhem (pitch H, ump Creelman)
Travelling Dodgers 12-15 Thunder (6½ inns, pitch G, ump Green)
24 AugustCamels 10-11 Greensox (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Davies)
Lion Dodgers 16-17 Sharks (pitch G, ump Wallace)
Thunder 14-5 Mayhem (pitch F, ump Dean)
Travelling Dodgers 15-16 Mavericks (pitch E, ump Fagan)
Not playedThunder @ Lion Dodgers

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