Manchester Tournament Archive

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1996, Aug 10USGJesters (Birmingham)Coopers (Leeds)13 teams
1997, Jun 14-15USGRunners?
1998, Jun 20-21USGMarlins (Thames Valley)Jesters (Birmingham)16 teams
1999, Jul 10-11USGClan McMad (Scotland)Pyros (Nottingham)
CompRec. CompPlate
2000, Aug 5-6USGMavericksBeesJammy Dodgers
CompComp PlateRecRec Plate
2001, Aug 4-5Parrs WoodBatpak (Ireland)ChaosDemonsBlazzers
2002, Aug 10-11Parrs WoodPioneersRenegadesCreamers (Bristol)24 teams
CompComp PlateRecRec Plate
2003, Aug 9-10Parrs WoodClan (Scotland)Yorkshire PuddingsSheriffs (Nottingham)Dalmeny Dodgers (Scotland)30 teams
2004, Aug 7-8Parrs WoodClan (Scotland)Creamers (Bristol)Raiders
2005, Aug 6-7USG & Parrs WoodChaos (Scotland)GreensoxSouls (Scotland)Sting (Sheffield)32 teams
2006, Aug ??Lions
2007, Aug 11-12Parrs WoodBatpak (Ireland)Spittin’ CamelsSplitters (Bristol)Dalriada Demons (Glasgow)
2008, Aug 9-10Parrs WoodChaos (Scotland)Saltires (Scotland)Sting (Sheffield)Legends (Scotland)
2009, Aug 8-9Parrs WoodRally Caps (Scotland)SpeedersMets
Comp Comp PlateRecRec Plate
2010, Aug 7-8Parrs WoodGreensoxTerriers (Leeds)CamelsOutlaws II
2011, Aug 6-7Parrs WoodHairy Coos (Scotland)
2012, Aug 4-5Parrs Woodno records
2013, Aug 3-4Parrs WoodLionsHairy Coos (Scotland)Honey Badgers (Scotland)Dragons (Plate),
Meerkats (Trophy)
GoldGold PlateSilverBronze
2014, Aug 2-3Parrs WoodLionsMavericksMeerkats (Cup)
Bullfrogs (Plate)
Phoenix (Cup)
Vandals (Plate)
2015, Aug 1-2Parrs WoodDodgersTerriers (Leeds)Hot Rude Walnuts (Cup)
Dohnuts (Plate)
Cougars (Cup)
Bats (Plate)
CompComp PlateRecRec Plate
2016, Jul 30-31Parrs WoodGrunderOutlawsSpeedersMeerkats (Plate)
Tigers (East Midlands) (Spoon)
2017, Aug 5-6Parrs WoodLionsBatsRippers
2018, Aug 4-5Parrs WoodThunderChargers (Scotland)MeerkatsThunder II
GoldGold PlateSilverBronze
2019, Aug 3-4USGSaltires (Glasgow)GreensoxSharks (Sefton) (Cup)
Meerkats (Plate)
Camels II (Spoon)
Freeze (Cup)
Renegades (Plate)
29 teams
2021, Jul 31-Aug 1Parrs Wood & WSGMeddling Kids (London)Travelling DodgersSpeeders (Cup)
Tigers (Plate)
Golden Sombreros (London) (Cup)
29 teams
2022, Jul 30-31WSGTerriers (Leeds)Bobcats (Leeds)
2023, Aug 5-6WSGCamelsFamille Casling (Cup)
Camels II (Plate)
Speeders (Cup)
Drizzle (Plate)