Transport disruption and player availability Tuesday May 23rd

IN the aftermath of the terrorist incident in Manchester last night, the Enforcers v Meteors game is postponed. This is due to a significant number of Enforcers players having to attend events in the city following yesterday’s attack. If any other teams are having this issue please contact League Head Dave Dean or an Exec member as soon as possible. We also ask that teams allow extra time for players who will face travel disruption to get to the pitches. I’m sure you all would rather have a proper game even if it’s later than usual. At the moment this only affects tonight but we are listening to you and monitoring what might happen tomorrow and Thursday.

The Exec fully support the suggestion of Julian Jones for teams to hold a minute’s silence in support of those affected. We leave this to individual teams but suggest that you speak to your umpire and opposition captain as you may want to all get together.

Dave Dean

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