Manchester Tournament 3-4 August 2019

Manchester Tournament

Date: 3-4 August 2019

Venue: Parrswood High School, Didsbury, M20 5PG

The annual Manchester Tournament, for competitive and recreational B and C-grade teams from Manchester and around the UK.


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Acct: 80214051

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Cost per team: £250

You will not be guaranteed this level, it is at the organisers' discretion.



Past winners

Bold face indicates Manchester teams. Please contact us if you can fill in any of the gaps (including where some of the teams came from).

Year Gold (Comp) Silver (Rec) Bronze
2017 Lions Bats Rippers
2016 Grunder* Speeders
2015 Dodgers Hot Rude Walnuts** Cougars (Nottingham)
2014 Lions Meerkats Phoenix
2013 Lions Meerkats
2012 Thunder ???
2011 Hairy Coos (Scotland) ???
2010 Greensox Camels
2009 Rally Caps (Scotland) Speeders Mets
2008 Chaos (Scotland) Sting (Sheffield)
2007 Batpack (Ireland) Splitters (Bristol)
2006 Mavericks Lions
2005 Chaos (Scotland) Souls (Scotland?)
2004 Clan (Scotland) Bristol Creamers
2003 Clan McMad (Scotland) Dalmeny Dodgers (Glasgow)
2002 Pioneers Renegades
2001 Batpak (Ireland) Demons (Glasgow)
2000 Mavericks Bees
1999 Clan McMad (Scotland)
1998 Thames Valley Marlins
1997 Ringers
1996 Jesters (Birmingham)

* A Greensox / Thunder combo
**A Thunder/Outlaws combined team: the name is an anagram