Indoor League

Final Comp Table
TeamShort NamePlayedWinDrawLossRSRCPoints
Thunder 1 *Thunder 1422641242935676
Thunder 2Thunder 242533433950018
* docked 6 points for late payment of fees
Thunder 1 above Allstars on Head to Head
Final Rec Table
Thunder IV361412133834243
Sluggababes above Screwballs on Head to Head
Top 10 Small Ball Home Runs
PositionNameTeamDivWk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8Total
1stMartine KnightAllstars1  121 3512
2ndJacqui NgCamels12  411 311
3rdSherry KenyonMavericks12  214 110
4thAlyssa JonesTigers1  421  29
5thTanya BasuMavericks1 212 1 28
6thKim HannesonThunder 11 22111  7
7th=Kate WinfieldTitans1 4 2    6
7th=Gabby KenworthyTitans114  1   6
7th=Sophie TempleMeerkats121 1  116
10th=Kellie WhitakerThunder 11  23    5
10th=Emma AgostiniAllstars111  1 2 5
Top 10 Big Ball Home Runs
PositionNameTeamDivWk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8Total
1stAdam HugillCamels14534223427
2ndNathan BarrattAllstars113472 2120
3rdBrad HadwinThunder 112522  3216
4thTom RussellThunder 113215 3 115
5thChris ThompsonEnforcers2242   4 12
6th=Phil KirbyThunder IV241  33  11
6th=Steve BeddowsTigers14 13 3  11
8th=Adam BrookbanksCamels113221  110
8th=Ben TomlinMaelstrom22  2121210
8th=Jeffery FongMaelstrom2   24 2210
8th=Craig BrooksThunder 11 2112 1310

Normal WBSC rules apply except as modified below.

Each batter receives only one pitch from the pitcher. If the pitch is a STRIKE the batter is out. If the pitch is a BALL the batter advances to first base.

A HOME RUN is scored if the batter hits the back wall netting without bouncing off the floor or the low wooden walls round the pitch. A hit that hits the side netting, side concrete wall or the ceiling netting and then hits the back net is a Home Run. A Home Run scores the batter and all runners on base. They simply return home, they do not need to touch all the bases.

A hit that bounces off the floor or low wooden walls and then hits the netting at the back of the pitch is a ground rule double.

Players not in front of 1st or 3rd  or standing on the 3rd base or 1st base line – if the player is out by foul ball or catch then the batter will return to retake their at bat – Umpires judgement call


EventALL base runners awarded:
Batted ball trapped in / goes through the side netting1 base
Dead ball from thrown ball2 bases from time of throw
Ball trapped in outfield goalmouth1 base from time of hit / throw.
Ball thrown into batting end goalmouth or netting2 bases

A thrown ball that rebounds off the batting end walls remains live. A ball in the outfield goalmouth that is not trapped is play on.

Off the wall / nets

A batted fly ball caught after bouncing off the walls or nets (not just rolling down the nets) is an out.

Foul Territory

If the ball is hit into foul territory the batter is OUT. If the ball is hit into fair territory and then rolls foul the batter is OUT. If the ball is initially hit into fair territory and hits a wall, person or the ceiling netting in fair territory before then rolling foul it is a fair ball and play continues. (Home plate is FAIR).

Showing bunt

Batters cannot ‘show bunt’ and then draw the bat back and swing. They may ‘show bunt’ and bunt or start in a normal batting position and then bunt.


U18 players must wear a batting helmet when batting or running the bases. U18 players must wear a face mask in the field if playing catcher or pitcher and either a gum shield or a face mask if fielding at any other position.

A team consists of 8 or more players. In the field a team must use a maximum of 8 fielders, 4 male and 4 female. Any number of players may bat with alternating male and female hitters.

Scoring the game: One run is scored for each runner who safely comes home.

Length of inning: Each team bats for 6 minutes.