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Are you looking to get into a new sport and meet some new friends? Well Softball is the sport for you! 

What is Softball: 

Softball is very similar to baseball, we both play in a diamond, just we use a larger ball, pitch sizes are smaller and we pitch slightly differently. But there is definitely nothing “soft” about our ball. We use fielding gloves, helmets, batting gloves and metal bats!

Manchester Softball League prides itself on being a fully inclusive sport regardless of your age, gender, race or sexuality.

All of our teams are co-ed with all teams requiring a minimum of 5 female and 5 male players, Manchester Softball League is fully inclusive if you identify as non-binary.      

New to Softball: 

Here at the Manchester Softball League we believe that we are the number one social sport, and our players would agree with this and we can honestly say that people have found friends for life in our league! 

Playing softball is a great new sport to play, not only is it great for fitness but as mentioned it is a great new sport to play if you are wanting to find new friends in Manchester. 

There are a number of entry points to softball, read on to find out more! Or if you are ready to get involved click here

Rookie Sessions: 

If you are brand new to softball and not ready to go right into a team then in the outdoor season we run free weekly rookie sessions. Are rookie sessions take place once our season has started which is usually the end of April at Parrswood High School. At the rookie sessions you will be coached by qualified BSUK coaches who will show you everything from the basics; hitting the ball, how to catch, different drills and the rules of the game, we even provide the equipment. The great thing about our rookie sessions is that most of the time brand new teams form from these sessions who then go onto enter a team into the league so you get to play with all your new friends. Or sometimes people who go to the rookie sessions find themselves quite quickly ready to play more competitively and as there are always team looking for new players you will always find a team. 

Teams need you! 

Across our four divisions teams are always on the look out to grow their teams, with a minimum requirement to play a game of 5 female and 5 male players, teams often need more players to ensure they have a full weekly roster. Depending on how competitively you want to play there will be a team just right for you. Every team is different, with some teams playing very competitively undertaking regular training and tournaments with others playing just for a good time.

Costs of joining a team: 

If you enter a team most teams will always provide you initially with the necessary kit, however over time most players invest in their own glove, bats and helmets.

Teams also play in their team kits so when joining a team there may be a requirement for you to buy their kits with costs varying per team. 

Each week when playing for a team you can generally expect to pay between £5 to £10 per week but again this will vary depending on your team.  

Get involved now!