Fixtures and Results

Teams are divided into Comp – two groups of 4, A and B, play a round-robin then play-offs (winners A v winners B etc.) for final position – and Rec Silver (C) and Bronze (D) (4 teams in each)

Tues Aug 11
A: Camels v Mayhem (6)
B: Meerkats v Travelling Dodgers (7)
B: Sharks v Thunder (8)
Thur Aug 13
C: Thunder III v Freeze (pitch TBC)
C: Bats v Titans (pitch TBC)
Tues Aug 18
A: Mayhem v Speeders (1)
A: Camels v Thunder II (3)
B: Travelling Dodgers v Thunder (7)
B: Meerkats v Sharks (5)
C: Freeze v Bats (4)
C: Titans v Thunder III (6)
D: Swingers v Stingers (2)
D: Thunder IV v Aces (8)
Tues Aug 25
A: Speeders v Camels (7)
A: Mayhem v Thunder II (4)
B: Thunder v Meerkats (5)
B: Travelling Dodgers v Sharks (3)
C: Thunder III v Bats (1)
C: Freeze v Titans (8)
D: Stingers v Aces (6)
D: Swingers v Thunder IV (2)
Thurs Aug 27
A: Thunder II v Speeders (6)
D: Aces v Swingers (7)
D: Stingers v Thunder IV (8)
Tues Sept 1
Winner A v winner B
Runner-up B v Runner-up A
3rd place A v 3rd place B
4th place B v 4th place A
C: 1st v 2nd
C: 3rd v 4th
D: 1st v 2nd
D: 3rd v 4th