Division 2

Division 2 consists of eight teams, who will play two full rotations, then split into top and bottom four for a final half-rotation with no home teams. The top two teams will be promoted to Division 1, and the bottom team will be relegated to Division 3.

Mavericks II95040129103.7044
Thunder II93060105143.5566
Camels II8206085125.500
Mavericks II, Titans and Tigers ordered on head-to-heads
27 April Camels II 18-19 Titans (pitch F, ump Creelman)
Mavericks II 17-5 Bandidos (6 inns, bad light, pitch H, ump Goff)
Meerkats 20-13 Speeders (pitch G, ump Dunn)
Tigers 21-15 Thunder II (pitch E, ump Wallace)
4 May Camels II 3-18 Meerkats (5 inns, RAR, pitch A, ump Davies)
Thunder II 12-23 Speeders (6½ inns, pitch B, ump Caird)
Tigers 10-18 Mavericks II (6½ inns, pitch D, ump Fagan)
Titans 17-14 Bandidos (pitch C, ump Hung)
11 May Bandidos 18-8 Tigers (pitch F, ump Dunn)
Mavericks II 9-15 Camels II (6½ inns, pitch G, ump Creelman)
Meerkats 22-4 Thunder II (5 inns, RAR, pitch H, ump Green)
Speeders 28-15 Titans (pitch E, ump Strayer)
18 May Bandidos 23-7 Thunder II (6 inns, RAR, pitch D, ump Davies)
Speeders 14-15 Mavericks II (pitch A, ump Hung)
Tigers 17-10 Camels II (pitch C, ump Green)
Titans 0-15 Meerkats (5 inns, RAR, pitch B, ump Fagan)
25 May Bandidos 5-13 Speeders (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Green)
Mavericks II 6-7 Titans (pitch G, ump Dunn)
Meerkats 19-12 Tigers (pitch F, ump Wareham)
Thunder II 11-12 Camels II (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Wallace)
1 June Camels II @ Bandidos – postponed to 27 July
Meerkats 20-3 Mavericks II (pitch C, ump Roberts)
Tigers 13-12 Speeders (pitch D, ump Hung)
Titans 6-12 Thunder II (6½ inns, pitch B, ump Warren)
8 June Bandidos 14-16 Meerkats (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Creelman)
Speeders 22-8 Camels II (pitch G, ump Fothergill)
Thunder II 16-14 Mavericks II (pitch F, ump Green)
Titans 12-24 Tigers (6½ inns, pitch H, ump Caird)
15 June Bandidos 11-26 Mavericks II (6 inns, RAR, pitch D, ump P Fagan)
Speeders 2-6 Meerkats (6½ inns, pitch C, ump Hung)
Thunder II 6-15 Tigers (6½ inns, pitch A, ump Davies)
Titans 17-14 Camels II (pitch B, ump Dunn)
22 June Bandidos 17-18 Titans (6½ inns, pitch E, ump Hung)
Mavericks II 21-5Tigers (6 inns, RAR, pitch G, ump Creelman)
Meerkats 12-5 Camels II (pitch H, ump Dunn)
Speeders 7-22 Thunder II (5 inns, RAR. pitch F, ump Green)
29 June Camels II @ Mavericks II (B)
Thunder II @ Meerkats – postponed to 27 July
Tigers @ Bandidos (C)
Titans @ Speeders (D) (note change of pitch)
6 July Camels II @ Tigers (H)
Mavericks II @ Speeders (E)
Meerkats @ Titans (F)
Thunder II @ Bandidos (G)
13 July Camels II @ Thunder II (C)
Speeders @ Bandidos (A)
Tigers @ Meerkats (B)
Titans @ Mavericks II (D)
20 July Bandidos @ Camels II (TBC)
Mavericks II @ Meerkats (TBC)
Speeders @ Tigers (TBC)
Thunder II @ Titans (TBC)
27 July – make-up gamesCamels II @ Bandidos (TBC)
Thunder II @ Meerkats (TBC)
3 August Camels II @ Speeders (D)
Mavericks II @ Thunder II (C)
Meerkats @ Bandidos (A)
Tigers @ Titans (B)
Third half-rotation: no home teams
10 August4th v 1st
3rd v 2nd
8th v 5th
7th v 6th
17 August1st v 3rd
2nd v 4th
5th v 7th
6th v 8th
24 August2nd v 1st
4th v 3rd
6th v 5th
8th v 7th