Player registration form

Click Here for the MSL 2022 Player Registration Form

  1. Team sheet and score sheets (which should be signed by both captains pitch-side) to be sent electronically to the Fixtures secretary.
  2. All players must have completed their registration BEFORE playing. This rule will be strictly enforced. Any team using a player who has not done so will be liable to an automatic penalty. It is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players have registered .
  3. It is worth noting that registration takes only a few minutes, and can be done pitch-side (for a new player, for example) before the game on any phone with internet connection. Players from other leagues still need to opt in to MSL even if they have done something similar elsewhere.
  4. It is no longer possible to register a new player AFTER the game (as used to be the case), by giving the details on the team sheet.