Welcome to the Manchester Softball League

Welcome to Manchester Co-ed Softball League. We are one of the largest softball leagues in the UK, with over 500 players playing across 4 divisions in mixed gender teams. Our teams in Manchester play all year round with the outdoor season running from April to September and the indoor season running from October to March.

What is Softball?

Softball is very similar to baseball, we both play in a diamond, just we use a larger ball, pitch sizes are smaller and we pitch slightly differently. But there is definitely nothing “soft” about our ball. We use fielding gloves, helmets, batting gloves and metal bats!

The game that keeps on growing!

Softball is becoming an increasingly popular sport within the UK with a number of leagues all around the country with tournaments taken place nearly every weekend in summer for all travelling teams to attend.

2020 was due to be an exciting year for Softball in the UK as this summer Team GB would taken to the diamond at the Tokyo Olympics, which will not hopefully take place in 2021! Carrying on from its success last year Major League Baseball will again be played at the Olympic Park in London as part of their world series, adding even more excitement about the game we all love and play.

If you are interested in playing Softball please see the “Get Involved” section.